Thursday, 13 September 2012


Nana was watching TV,
When she heard some squeaking.
She fetched a brush,
And then she had a big hot flush.
At the sight of a mouse,
Scrambling around in her house.
She called Tom cat the Tom cat and he chased it away.

Nan was screaming when it came back the next day!


All types of beans can be found everywhere you look
Me too
Let's look in a bean book

RUNNER BEANS - Always sporty

JUMPING BEANS - Athletic and basically bouncy!
BROAD BEANS - Very big and long

MEXICAN BEANS - Very fond of the words "Arriba Arriba!" and Mexican hats like giant frizbees

Not so bamboozled now are we?


Hillsborough disaster
Injured people everywhere you look
Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest at Sheffield
Lives lived no longer
Sadness through the 2 cities
Bodies lying lifeless and motionless
Over and over again, fans try to rescue each other
Ridiculous amount of lives lost
Oh so devastating
Unconscious and no sign of help
Grumpy old police blaming fans
Huge amount of pain

 Dear fans,

My birthday has been great and I am now officially 9 years old.
I hope you enjoyed my latest poem.
Daddy was at the disaster but didn't get squished.
It is my 30th poem and that means 70 more to go until Mummy will speak to a publisher.
Do you think I can do it by the end of the year?
Comment Yes, No or Maybe to submit your answer!
I'm grateful for all your support,


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Forest Conversation

Hello Deer!
No need to fear.
It’s just me!
You might have seen me on Wildlife TV.
Want to be part of the team?
It’s a one in a lifetime dream.
Fill in the form!
We pay each week 2 sticks of corn!
Hey Fawn!
Here is my form.
Sorry about saying this
I might not have time
But everything we said seemed to rhyme!
Oh Dear Deer!
Didn’t you hear?
It’s the latest trend!
Although it does drive you round the bend.
Squirrel may help
Just squeal and yelp
If you get caught by Deadly 60
They are exploring our forest this week.
Okay Fawn
I hope I will be fine
I will not take my time
I will be fast and I will run
Although it may not be fun
I just want to survive
Bye Deer!
Bye Fawn
Meet you by the oak tree tomorrow at dawn

Sunday, 8 July 2012

There once was a pirate called Mandy (A PIRATE LIMERICK)

There once was a pirate called Mandy
Who on her ship was quite handy
The Ship bobbed up and down
On her face was a frown
So she eat sugar, sweets and candy!